Sleep Disorders Training Course

Sleep Disorders Training Course

Thursday 23 September 2021 – Virtual

Psychiatrists and psychiatric patients are increasingly recognising that good sleep is essential to good mental health. In the past, poor sleep was seen as a symptom of mental illness but as we come to understand the relationship between these conditions we have learned that the relationship is much more complex and that poor sleep is a significant risk factor for psychiatric illness. This means that the recognition and treatment of sleep disorders may present novel ways of improving psychiatric outcomes. It is also important to be aware of the impact that psychiatric treatments may have on a patient’s sleep, for better or worse. Sleep medicine is a rapidly evolving field, and the diagnostics and treatment of sleep disorders is increasingly moving out of specialist sleep clinics into other spheres of medicine such as primary care and psychiatry.

By attending this course, you will learn about the range of sleep disorders you may encounter in clinical practice, and will learn how to recognise, investigate and treat these disorders. You will be given practical tools to incorporate aspects of sleep medicine into your routine clinical work and provide effective and holistic treatments for your patients.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the basic structure and physiology of sleep.
  • Appreciate the importance of sleep in mental health, particularly its role in depression.
  • Be aware of the range of sleep disorders you may encounter in clinical practice.
  • Be able to recognise and screen for sleep disorders in psychiatric patients.
  • Understand the pharmacology of medications used in insomnia in order to prescribe effectively and safely.
  • Learn some effective behavioural interventions for insomnia.

About our Expert Trainer:

Dr Hugh Selsick, Consultant Liaison Neuropsychiatrist;
Dr Hugh Selsick is a Consultant in sleep medicine and psychiatry and lead clinician at the Insomnia Clinic at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, University College London Hospitals and Consultant in sleep medicine at the Sleep Disorders Centre at Guy’s and St Thomas Hospital. He majored in physiology at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg before completing an Honours Degree in Physiology and MBBCh. He runs the Sleep Group at the Royal College of Psychiatrists and is a council member of the Sleep Medicine Section at the Royal Society of Medicine. His special interest is in the relationship between sleep disorders and psychiatric disorders.

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Thursday 23 September 2021 – Virtual