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These one day courses have been designed to help non-financial staff including doctors, medical directors and clinical directors get to grips with the financial aspects of their roles.   Each course is highly interactive and involves lots of group discussion, case examples and presentations.  The courses include:

NHS Finance in a Nutshell Introductory level

Budgeting for Doctors – Introductory level

Financial Planning for Aspiring DirectorsIntermediate level

Financial Leadership for Medical Directors  - Masterclass Level

NHS Finance in a Nutshell

Introductory level

An essential, comprehensive, one-day workshop which covers all the basics of NHS funding and finance.  It is designed to help all mental health staff understand and appreciate their role and the role that finance plays in the NHS as a whole. The day follows a fascinating ‘Google Earth’ type view from the largest picture possible of the whole of Government finances zooming down to the individual payment made for a single patient, client or service user between NHS organisations.

This course will cover:

  • Government Funding and the NHS
  • The NHS funding regime and financial allocations process
  • Patient Choice and Payment By Results
  • NHS financial rules and procedures
  • Working with your Finance Department

Who should attend?

All staff working in mental health who would like to learn more about finance within the NHS.

Budgeting for Doctors

Introductory level

This one day workshop is a practical introduction to the skills and knowledge required by managers and clinicians.  It is designed to help them to keep the focus on the needs of the patient within their budget.

All aspects of budgets and budgetary control in the NHS are covered.   Engaging practical exercises are backed-up by simple theory to ensure comprehensive coverage of all the basics. No unnecessary jargon is used.

All participants receive a complimentary copy of the book The NHS Budget Holder’s Survival Guide. 


This course will cover:

• Budgets and budgetary control
• Understanding financial reports
• The three methods of accounting
• Forecasting your financial position
• How budgets are set
• Planning to develop your service
• Your responsibilities… and your rights
• The seven-point plan for interpreting your financial information

Who should attend?

All doctors who are budget holders, or might deputise for, or are likely to become budget holders in the future.  No prior knowledge is assumed.


Financial Planning for Aspiring Directors 

Intermediate level

Moving into a Board-level position places additional responsibility on individuals as directors. Directors need a better understanding of financial planning and performance management of the organisation as a whole, whilst also having the appropriate level of knowledge and skills to challenge finance effectively.   

This is a highly structured, hands-on, practical, one-day course on NHS business and financial planning and is designed to help directors maximise their chance of gaining acceptance of their proposals. It is aimed directly at aspiring directors who need to extend their understanding of this complex area. The workshop is lively and informal with plenty of time for questions. Practical examples of direct relevance to aspiring directors are used throughout. A comprehensive set of handouts and exercises are provided together with a full background-reading list.

This course will cover: 

  • Planning - in theory and reality
  • Using analytical techniques to present the need for change
  • Preparing and presenting a financial and economic business case
  • Identifying key business planning models and how they are used in the NHS 
  • Options appraisal
  • Non-financial benefit criteria

Who should attend?

Any doctors who are planning to take on a director's role.

Financial Leadership for Medical Directors

Masterclass Level

This one day workshop takes Medical Directors through the strategic financial planning,
controlling and decision-making processes needed to be an effective Board member.

This course will cover:

• NHS finances and funding flows
• Internal and external financial reporting
• Service line reporting in both acute and primary care organisations
• Activity-based costing
• The importance of the difference between liquidity and profitability
• The questions to ask of board-level financial information
• Creating an effective culture of financial responsibility


Who should attend?

Medical Directors who wish to take a leadership role and need more in-depth knowledge of what financial leadership involves.

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