The Mental Health of Athletes – who cares?


The Mental Health of Athletes – who cares?

Meet the Speaker: Dr Rod Jaques


Spotlight on Dr Rod Jaques

Dr Rod Jaques FFSEM (UK) is a Consultant in Sport and Exercise Medicine with over 25 years’ experience in Sports Medicine and is Director of Medical Services at the English Institute of Sport and a former President of the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine.

Following his passion…

Rod has attended 5 Olympic games with Team GB. His first games were in Atlanta in 1996. He has also attended 2 commonwealth games with the England Team. From 1989-2004 he was Medical Advisor to the British Triathlon Association.

Rod was appointed to the British Olympic Medical Centre, London in 1998 – 2001 and joined the EIS in 2003, taking over as medical director in 2004. He also works in private practice at the Gloucestershire Sports Injury Clinic at the Nuffield Hospital in Gloucester. 

What is his role in the conference?

Poor governance and neglect of athlete welfare can increase the incidence of mental health in athletes.  Getting good systems in professional sport, which respect all stages of the athlete’s career particularly at induction and exit increase the coping strategies for athletes at times of transition. Getting this balance of duty of care around wining and welfare is critical. 

Who should attend the Conference – Rod says….

Medical and allied staff involved in professional sport. 

Why is the Mental Health of Athletes important?

It shouldn’t be dealt with any differently to physical health, but is often overlooked and neglected in the drive to train and compete. 


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