The 17th Annual Grange Conference - Meet the Grange Conference Co-director

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Dr James Briscoe (MB ChB, MRCPsych, MMedSci) Grange Conference Co-Director, Medical-Legal Expert, Consultant Psychiatrist

Go ‘live’ with Dr James Briscoe 

I can’t remember exactly how I fell upon this iconic, niche conference but it has served me extremely well over many years now in all matters medico-legal as well as for selected clinical CPD.  I particularly enjoy the opportunity to debate sometimes challenging and always thought provoking topics with colleagues within the safety net of the Chatham House Rule.  I know of no other conference that enables such an opportunity to develop over several days.  Nor any other more effective way of benchmarking my medico-legal credentials and improving my knowledge.

I always enjoy meeting up with my Grange-affiliated colleagues and networking with new delegates.

Since my medico-legal journey began, the Grange conference has helped me recognise the importance of developing medico-legal skills and has kept me abreast of developments in the field.  Increasingly, judges and lawyers expect to see evidence of training and professional development as an expert.   As an expert in civil litigation involving cases relevant to general adult psychiatry and occupational health, and in my work both within the NHS and independently, I find that I repeatedly draw upon what I have learned at the Grange Conference.

‘Live CBD’ session
I am looking forward to delivering a “live” CBD session on the Wednesday afternoon.  This will entail one of my anonymised reports being scrutinised and appraised “in vivo” by my esteemed colleague Dr Asif Ramzan (and vice versa) using the “Rix” CBD assessment tool.  We are hoping to generate debate on how to produce the perfect report or at least how to avoid common criticisms.

Come and join us!
This conference is unique in its opportunity to network and establish contacts with a wide range of medico-legal experts and lawyers…. 

  • If you want to sit 5 feet away from a Supreme Court Judge outside of the Supreme Court then this is for you. 
  • If you want to get ‘up close and personal’ with some of the finest legal and clinical minds in the country, then this is your opportunity - this is a conference designed to appeal to experts at the beginning of their medico-legal career as well as those nearing the end of it.  It’s unique and comprises a forum, a debating chamber and a college. 
  • If you want to benchmark and compare your expertise with other experts, there is no better place to do so. 
  • If you want to challenge your mind, widen your knowledge base, refine your skills and take yourself out of your comfort zone (in a safe & supportive environment) – see you there!
What not to recommend? 
Listening to lawyers is always good value and enlightening (as well as scary usually).  The medico-legal aspects of chronic pain is a complex area and a challenge for psychiatrists in assisting how the Court navigates the murky waters of somatoform pain disorders.  I am therefore very much looking forward to the session from Fiona Ashworth on lawyers’ expectations of expert psychiatric witnesses in personal injury cases involving a claim for chronic pain.  It is always worth being aware of recent case law and the session from Jason Tucker on recent cases psychiatric experts should know about will provide a useful update.  This is a feature we are keen to repeat at each conference. 

And, of course….the black tie dinner on Wednesday night is always enjoyable and memorable, held in the stone and panelled grandeur of Ripley Castle – the tour of which is an unmissable experience!

Hope to see you there,

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