16th Annual Grange Medico-legal Conference 2017 Meet the Grange Conference Co-director


The 16th Annual Grange Conference 2017

‘Don’t miss Monday at the Grange’ says Danny...

Danny first became interested in medico-legal work when he worked as a senior registrar in forensic psychiatry in Bristol. Since then he has expanded his interest to include all aspects of expert witness work including designing a module for Bucks New University on the subject.

Danny works alongside the other Grange Conference Directors and ETN to ensure that the programme is as topical and stimulating as possible. It is because of this attention to detail that the Grange has maintained its reputation for excellence.

Also he thinks the conference is attractive to medico-legal experts because ‘in one fell swoop’ psychiatric expert witnesses can bring themselves up to date with everything they need to know for their work, at the same time as completing the case based discussions they need for appraisal.

Danny says…, ‘Don’t miss Monday at the Grange…. I’m especially looking forward to Monday’s programme and Professor David Nutt’s lecture on ‘Potential therapeutic use of non-medical drugs’. I have heard speak many times – he’s always controversial and stimulating. And I am also fascinated to hear the lowdown on the ‘Benzo’ litigation from Dr Cosmo Hallström. I suspect we may all be surprised!

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