DoLS Refresher / Reform


The Reform of DoLS (Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards)

DoLS Refresher and the proposed Liberty Protection Safeguards


Find out how the changes will significantly impact on your services and practice. This course will also act as update training for mental health assessors.

• A detailed overview of the DoLS Law Reform

• How the change in law will impact your clinical services and practice

• DoLS update / refresher

Tuesday 12 February 2019 – London


Course Content

  • A brief overview of the current Mental Capacity Act and the proposed amendments

  • What constitutes a deprivation of liberty

  • A detailed review of The Liberty Protection Safeguards – the DoLS reform

  • Discuss scenarios to support your understanding

  • Consider how your practice / services will change

Who should attend?

This course is focussed at all mental health practitioners and health and social care professionals who currently use the DoLS legislation and / or are involved in mental capacity related issues and who need to consider and prepare for the changes to their services and practices, for example: mental health assessors, best interests assessors, health and social care service providers, mental health managers and practitioners i.e. those involved in the care and support of vulnerable people.

N.B. This course will also act as update training for mental health assessors.

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February 2019 - London

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